Siem Reap has an ever-growing number of hotel and guesthouse rooms, and a variety that is wide enough to satisfy all tastes and requirements. Though staying right in the middle of town is a bit more convenient to the Old Market and Sivatha road area, Airport road, Angkor Wat road, the town is relatively small making any location almost equally convenient as any other. There are now several four and five-star hotels in town, especially along the airport road and old market area. Less expensive mid-range rooms with a/c, cable TV, and hot water are available in a variety of styles and looks and begin at about $30 or $50 but average $50 - $90. More expensive usually means newer, more stylish rooms, and more hotel services. Budget guesthouses, usually family-run, cost $15-$20 a night. Dozens of budget places are scattered across town, especially near old market.